Wall BreakerEdit

Increase of attack power when destroying a wall Battles during Reign of Dragon Leagues & Grand Guild War Events.

The boost will take effect as long as the card is in your active attack deck.

If you have multiple cards with event boosting skills in your active attack deck, their effects will stack multiplicatively.

This skill does not level up through the use of feeder cards with the same skill; rather, it is entirely dependent on the evolution image of the card:

Card Evolution Image Wall Breaker Skill Level
Base Level 1
+ Level 2
++ Level 3
Final Form Level 4
Final Form Maxed Level 5

There is no difference in the Wall Breaker skill-induced power boost between a 4-1 and a 8-15 version of the maxed final-form card; however unlike other events, given that the card itself may be involved in combat, it is recommended to evolve it such that its stats are high.

Cards with this Skill:Edit






Max Bonus

Cyclops Star.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.chaos.16 Sword-small 9 10x
Frost Troll Star.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.justice.16 Sword-small 8 10x
Abdel the Goliath Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.justice.16 Sword-small 12 20x
Balrog Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.chaos.16 Sword-small 12 20x
Buachalla Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.genesis.16 Heart-small 13 20x
Chrysaor Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.chaos.16 Sword-small 13 20x
Eunomia Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.justice.16 Heart-small 13 20x
Dullahan Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.chaos.16 Sword-small 16 50x
Fujin Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.genesis.16 Sword-small 16 50x
Belisama Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.chaos.16 Circle-small 29 70x
Berith the Scarred Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.chaos.16 Sword-small 20 70x
Flauros Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.chaos.16 Circle-small 24 70x
Furfur Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.justice.16 Circle-small 24 70x
Venusia Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.justice.16 Circle-small 36 ??x

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