Unlock Points (UP) are the Ranking Points used for all Chest Hunt Events.  They are gained from unlocking or helping to unlock Metal, Gilded or Platinum Chests.

Unlock Points by Chest TypeEdit

Metal ChestEdit

Using a Silver Key on the chest and successfully opening it, gives 1-10 UP

Using  a Gold Key to open  the chest gives 10-20 UP

Gilded ChestEdit

Opening a Gilded Chest with help from allies gives 50-70 UP split among the chest unlock participants

Opening one by yourself using 3 Gold Keys gives 300 (BONUS?? or exactly???) UP

Platinum ChestEdit

someone please provide info, from some comments it appears to be same as Metal Chest even though in-game info implies it should give better UP


left here unless this can be refuted. I've gotten Gold Fossil x2 (77) but end up with 100 total UP both times which seems to refute point 4, any additional confirmations?Jckeymaker (talk) 18:19, May 6, 2013 (UTC)

So far it appears that:

  • Opening a metal chest: 5 points  (always or range of 1-10??)
  • Opening a gilded chest (on your own): 300 points ( total or on top of the 50-70 points?)
  • Opening a gilded chest with friends: 25 points (Always? which keys were used 3 silver or 1 gold?)
  • Helping to open a gilded chest for a friend:  15 points    - refuted i received 23 before??
  • Opening a platinum chest:  XXX points (haven't done this yet)

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