UR-MR Card Chance page

The Ultra & Mega Rare Card Chance is a special limited Quest Event, in which the quests have a chance to award certain Mega Rare cards, and even a new UR card!


Just like the Super Rare Card Chance event, there are 3 different main quests, and a gauge that will fill up, eventually granting access to a fourth quest. It is from this fourth quest that you have a chance to be awarded the new UR cards, Illyria, Galatea or Hesione.

Event Spirit Lvl King Lvl Heaven Lvl Ultra Rare Jackpot
6. 03/04 Tiamat Titatania Ahriman Hesione
5. 01/03 - 01/04 Chronos Thetis Cherufe Illyria
4. 12/31 - 01/01 Samyaza Mangrove's Heart The Cardinal's Judge Galatea
3. 12/02 Samyaza Mangrove's Heart The Cardinal's Judge Galatea
2. 11/02 Chronos Thetis Cherufe Illyria
1. 10/04 - 10/06 Chronos Brahman Vida Illyria

You must complete the quest in order to recieve the rewards. If you exit the quest before it is completed, any chests you may have collected during the quest will be lost.

UR Jackpot Gauge

Whenever you complete any of the three Mega Rare Card Chance quests, this guage will fill. When the gauge is full, Jackpot Time is activated and the Jackpot Timer will start it's countdown from 1 hour.

Jackpot Time

During Jackpot Time the Ultra Rare Jackpot Quest becomes available and the chance of an MR card dropping in the MR Chance Quests is also increased.

At the end of the event, any leftover progress on the Jackpot Gauge under 100% will be carried over to the next event featuring the SAME set of reward cards. Likewise, any progress on a previous events Jackpot Timer will be carried over into this Ultra & Mega Rare Card Chance event, if the rewards cards are the same set.

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