Training Clock (Sm)

Training Clock (S)

Training Clock (Rg)

Training Clock

The Training Clock was introduced at the same time as Guild Classes.

The Training Clock is used to reduced the cool-down period between switching Guild Classes. The normal cool-down period is 5 hours and begins immediately AFTER you adopt a class (either new or one you had previously adopted).  A small Training Clock or Training Clock (S) will reduced this countdown timer by 60 minutes, while a regular Training Clock will eliminate the cool-down period altogether.

Starting with the 4th Dawn of Crimson Bands event, Training Clock (S) can also be used to grant an additional use of the user's Guild Class War Bonus effect. This option was removed when the Reign of the Dragon Leagues weekly Guild war system was introduced

Obtaining Training ClocksEdit

Mastery Apples may be obtained in a variety of ways:

Other ItemsEdit

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