The Tourney Potion will fully recharge your Tourney Points during Colosseum Events.

Tourney Potions are untradable

Tourney Potion TypesEdit

There are 2 Types of Tourney Potions:
Tourney Potion 1Day

1 Day Tourney Potion

  • 1-Day - 24 hour Tourney Potions
  • Regular Tourney Potions

1-Day potions will disappear from your inventory 24hours after entering into your inventory. If they were received as gifts and sent to your gift box, the 24 hour timer does not begin until you accept them.

Each potion's timer is separate but the timer displayed in your inventory will be the timer of the potion that will expire first.

Tourney Potion

Tourney Potion

From the Colosseum event screen if you choose to consume a Tourney Potion any 1-Day Tourney Potion in your inventory will be consumed first before Regular Potions.

Regular Tourney Potions do not expire and are consumed only after all 1-Day Tourney Potions have been consumed.

Obtaining Tourney PotionsEdit

Tourney Potions may be obtained in a variety of ways:

  • SNS postings
  • Purchasable from Game Shop either directly or as a bonus with card packs/draws
  • Visiting the event page for certain events
  • Event 1-Tap Pre-Registration Gifts
  • Coloseeum Rival Rankings (1-Day (Normal Cycle) and regular Tourney Potions (Golden Time Cycles))
  • Dragon Coin Exchange

Other PotionsEdit

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