how can i stop ppl from stealing my treasure ah?? when i just got the treasure sure got ppl steal wan...cant theyjust go get it by themself rather than stealing them??

You'll have to change the way you play the game.

First: The reason they don't just go get them themselves is twofold: Either they need their stamina for other quests, like event quests, or they do actually use stamina to get the treasures just like you, but then they also steal from other people. That way, they get even more treasures.

Second: How to prevent people from stealing your treasure: You can't. But you can make it harder for them to steal it, by playing more intensely:

  • Gather up all 6 pieces as fast as you can, and then take a break, charging up your stamina, until you start on another set.

  • Donate the treasures as fast as possible to your guild, if you don't need the reward cards anyway.

  • Set traps.

  • Get a strong defense deck. Preferably without increasing your level too much!

As you can see: No easy solution. And that's how it's meant to be. That's simply how the game is played. That's the kind of game it is... Zannia (talk) 10:20, May 6, 2013 (UTC)

== Strongest Decks


I am just curious to see who has the strongest Decks and just how powerful they are? When I quit RoD my Bas deck powers were 195k Att and 189k Def with a Att Record of 274k.

So people don't be shy lets share deck powers. plus is there a way we can share/load screenshots to show off?


Just as Zannia said, it's not easy to prevent players to steal your treasures. What I do is to collect all treasures in one go (as Zannia mentioned) and of course you need to have at least 2 Power Potions cuz you have to fight 6 times. Well, if you have strong atk power and your attack gauge is high, you might be able to 3 times with 1 Power Potion.

The strongest deck I ever seen is around 270-280k atk.

Scamming scammers? Edit

Do you think it is okay to scam a scammer? Post your reasoning, afterall negative + negative = positive!

01:42, November 3, 2013 (UTC)Reign of Dragons- Deadly God (talk)༑༑⚔༑ʎןpɐǝp༑♚༑poƃ༑⚔༑༑

recently are guild Dragon Heretic completed the three qualifications for barbarian class  and never got awarded the class who do i write too for this problem . yours truly 16:59, December 26, 2013 (UTC)

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