The Primary use of the Stamina Potion is to fully recharge your Stamina Points. It's secondary use is as a trading currency on the Bazaar

Stamina Potion Types

There are 4 Types of Stamina Potions:

  • 1-Day (24 hour) Stamina Potions
  • Non Bazaar Stamina Potions
  • Regular Stamina Potions
  • Mini Stamina Potions

Stamina Potion 1Day

1-Day Stamina Potion

1-Day potions last 24 hours from the second they enter into your inventory, if they were received as gifts and sent to your gift box, the 24 hour timer does not begin until you accept them.  Each potion's timer is separate, but the timer displayed in your inventory will be the timer of the potion that will expire earliest.  From the quest screen if you choose to consume a Stamina Potion any 1-Day Stamina Potion in your inventory will be consumed first before Non Bazaar or Regular Potions.
Stamina Potion NB

Non Bazaar Stamina Potion

Non-Bazaar Stamina Potions are not useable in the bazaar, so cannot be used to trade for cards, but they do not expire. Non Bazaar Stamina Potions are consumed before regular Stamina Potions but after the inventory of 1-Day Stamina Potions have been consumed.

Regular Stamina Potions can be used as currency when doing trades on the Bazaar. They do not expire and are consumed only after all 1-Day and Non Bazaar Stamina Potions have been consumed.

Mini Stamina Potions will only refill 10 Points of your bar, Mini Stamina Potions can only be used from the Items menu interface where you may select how many you wish to use at once. Mini Stamina Potions are not tradable.

Obtaining Stamina PotionsEdit

Stamina Potions may be obtained in a variety of ways:

  • Event Ranking Rewards 
  • SNS postings 

Other PotionsEdit

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