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Skills are found on a few common and uncommon (Star.smallStar.small) cards, most rare (Star.smallStar.smallStar.small) cards, and all super-rare (Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small) and higher cards.  Skill level and skill description are listed under the stats. Newly created cards start with a level 1 skill (except cards recieved on the bazaar).  Purchased cards may start with a level 6 skill.

Cards may have a battle skill and an event skill.  The battle skill may apply a positive effect to the card itself, to some or all of your cards, or a negative effect to some or all of your opponent's cards.  The event skill may confer some advantage or bonus when selected in the active attack deck while participating in the event.

Increasing Skill LevelsEdit

Some skills can have their effect increased, others can have their chance of being applied in a battle increased. It depends on the individual skill. Both, however, are accomplished by increasing the level of the skill. This is done by enhancing the card with ANY other card that has the same skill. This may increase the skill level by 1.

Note: A card with the same name cannot be used in the enhancing process. You cannot enhance a Garuda with a Garuda, or with a Garuda+, etc.

You may use several cards with the same skill in one enhance-action. That way you can raise the skill by several levels in one go.


You have an Amazon at level 1/40. You enhance your Amazon with an Armor Dragon at level 1/40. The Amazon and the Armor Dragon both have the skill, Sword Dance. The enhancing process will award the Amazon with some experience, therefore increasing it's level. It might also raise the skill level of the Amazon's Sword Dance. The Armor Dragon will of course be lost/consumed either way. You will likely need to repeate the process several times to level up a skill.


You can level the skill at any time. It is more efficient to level the skill while leveling the card. That way you work towards 2 goals with the same resources. It is also slightly more economical to use several feeder cards in one enhancing process.


If you evolve the card, the skill level of the new card will be the same as the highest skill level of either card used in the process - base or feeder card. Thus, the highest progress is not lost. You will however lose any progress from the lower skilled card.  Evolving into a card with a different skill (currently only the case for Apprentice Mage Tina) you also keep the highest level of the skill, regardless of the skill changing. In other words: Your highest skill level progress is never lost. *With recent update to Tina card this is no longer true!

Skill level MAXEdit

The Max skill level was level 5 until it was increased to 10 after August 5, 2013. The highest possible skill level is listed as "Lv MAX". There is no way to increase the skill level further.

Event SkillsEdit

Event skills are levelled in a different way.  The level of an event skill is based upon the card evolution.

Evolution Level
Base 1
+ 2
++ 3
FF 4

List of skillsEdit

Skill Name Effect
Battle Rage Slightly increases the ATK and DEF of this card
Battle Stance Slightly increases the ATK of this card
Charmingly Beacon Slightly lowers the DEF of all of the opponent's cards
Defensive Stance Slightly increases the DEF of this card
Divine Aura Moderate ATK and DEF boost to this card
Divine Protection Large DEF boost to this card
Divine Storm Large ATK boost to this card
Double Attack Attack 2x's in Raid Boss or Wall Battle
Drums of War A more powerful Warcry
Fetching Smile Slightly lowers the ATK of all of the opponent's cards
Flag of Victory Moderate ATK and DEF boost to all of your cards
Guard Bless Major DEF boost to this card
Guard Order Moderate DEF boost to all of your cards
Hateful Chaos ATK Weaken all of the opponent's Chaos cards
Vengeful Chaos ??? Weaken opponents ATK/DEF (Chaos cards only).
Hateful Genesis ATK Weaken all of the opponent's Genesis cards
Hateful Justice ATK Weaken all of the opponent's Justice cards
Impregnable Moderate DEF boost to this card
Invincible Gives a chance to block one attack from a raid boss
Lunar Gladius Boosts points in the Colosseum Event
Lure of Love Lowers the DEF of all of the opponent's cards
Luring Ray Lowers the ATK of all of the opponent's cards
Sword Dance Moderate ATK boost to this card
Warcry Moderate ATK boost to all of your cards
Weapon Bless Major ATK boost to this card


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