The SNS (Social Networking Service) Campagin is a way to earn rewards by promoting the game to your friends, coworkers and relatives. By using the in-game link to post on your Twitter and/or Facebook account, you can earn rewards from the table below. You may post as often as you like, but only the first post each day will be counted towards the rewards.

Every time you post (for the first time that day) you earn the standard reward of 10000 Dorri and a Bazaar Ticket.  During Events bonus items may also be included as part of your reward.

 Note: If you already own 10 or more Bazaar Tickets, you will not recieve a Bazaar Ticket.

When you have posted a certain number of times, the following rewards will be earned:

Posts Twitter Facebook
1 Berserker 1x Power Potion
3 1x Stamina Potion Berserker
9 Berserker 3x Stamina Potion
14 3x Power Potion Berserker
21 Premium Key Premium Key
30 Card Album (S) -
45 100 000 Dorri Dragon Lady
60 Dragon Lady Card Album (S)
75 5x Training Clock (Full) Dragon Lady
90 Dragon Lady 5x Mastery Apple (Dx)
100 Superior Key 5x Gold Key

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