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Brand New Guild WarEdit

Reign of Dragons is holding the Beta Testing for the new Reign of the Dragon Leagues Guild War System. The Beta test will last a 3 days.

Reign of the Dragon Leagues Loading Screen

Reign of the Dragon Leagues Loading Screen

Reign of the Dragon Leagues Beta Test is a Guild War Event. Guilds will battle each other in a short war, earning Points with each battle fought in the war. The Guild with the most Points at the end of war is the winner, and will earn extra points towards the Ranking Rewards. This is a Short Event.

Event DetailsEdit

  • 10/17/2013 - 10/20/2013 (23:59 EDT) [1 Tap Registration Period for Giveaway]
  • 10/21/2013 (3:00 EDT) - 10/23/2013 (19:59 EDT)

Guild WarEdit

Declare War on another Guild inside an Event Cycle in order to start earning your War Grades. Your Guild is now in a War with the opposing Guild, and all battles with their members are considered War Battles. In this version of the event ANY guild member (not just officers) may declare war.

The Guild War lasts for 30 minutes, and starts 5 minutes after the opposing Guild receives the Declaration of War. Each player starts a new war with 100 WAR PWR and 5 Health Points (HP). You can only attack, activate your guild class, use SNS post to recharge your WAR HP/WAR PWR or look up the info of an opposing players if you have HP remaining. Each time you are attacked and defeated you lose 1 HP, if you attack and fail, you do not lose HP, normal attacks take 20 WAR PWR, boost attacks (ATK +50%) take 40 WAR PWR. HP recahrges 1 point every 5 minutes, WAR PWR recharges 2 points every minute. The winner is the Guild that earns the most points during the Guild War. 1000 Bonus Points are then awarded to all the players on the winning Guild that participated in that particular war. These Bonus points only count towards your Individual Ranking and not your Guild Ranking.

During a Guild War event members may not leave or be expelled from the guild. Conversely no one can join an existing Guild. The Second Guild war introduced Mercenary Guilds for guild-less players to form temporary random 3-member guilds to participate in the event.

You must enter the Limited Kickoff Giveaway page and tap the register button within the registration period, the Giveaway items are distributed upon entry to the event page once the event has begun. The 1-Tap Registration Giveaway Items for this event was 5x Dragon Coin, 1x Power Potion Non-Bazaar, 1x Flame Elixir.

Summary of Event changesEdit

  • This is a BETA TEST, some features may NOT work or work in unexpected ways, please report broken features to RoD support via in-game support ticket (Navigation Gree Support)
  • No new Event Reward cards
  • War medals given out for PARTICIPATING (gaining points) in a war , amounts given out (win or loss) determine by your guild's Grade
  • No cycle rank rewards
  • Larger spread of tiers for Individual Rankings
  • No new Guild class gained for this event
  • New Visual Representation Interface to indicate which Captains have been discovered and defeated.
  • War HP bar countdown timer is missing from new war page interface
  • No Fog of war during the final 10 minutes of the war.
  • Once a player is fainted, their WAR HP must be FULLY restored (back up to 5) before they can attack again.
  • New rescue feature to give a fainted player HP, 10 WAR PWR consumed per 1 HP given to rescued player.
  • Even if fainted, as long as you have 1 WAR HP, you can perform class bonuses and rescues.

Event Cycles - 10/21/2013 - 10/23/2013 (EDT)Edit

Cycle Times
04:00 - 06:00 (EDT) / 10:00 - 12:00 (CEST)
12:00 - 14:00 (EDT) / 18:00 - 20:00 (CEST)
15:00 - 17:00 (EDT) / 21:00 - 23:00 (CEST)
18:00 - 20:00 (EDT) / 00:00 - 02:00 (CEST)

War BattlesEdit

Reign of the Dragon Leagues Collage Ad

Reign of the Dragon Leagues Beta Test Collage Ad

When engaged in a Guild War, you will only be able to attack players that are are members of the opposing Guild, and only members of the opposing Guild may attack you. Each battle waged with a player during a Guild War is thus considered a War Battle and may earn Event Points for your Guild.

War GradesEdit

Points earned during a War will increase the War Grade of your Guild. The higher you raise your War Grade, the better rewards you can receive. Your War Grade will be calculated and then reset at the end of each Event Cycle.

Guild Class War BonusesEdit

There are 2 types of Guild Class War bonuses: All Guild and Individual:

All Guild class bonuses

All guild bonuses's effects do NOT stack if multiple people use the same class bonus concurrently, now will the timer countdown reset or be extended. i.e. both the Warrior and Knight bonus may be active at the same time, but if someone else activates one of these already active All Guild class bonuses, it's effects are ignored. to chain the effect, you must make sure the previous instance has expired by at least 1 second.

For all classes listed below, the range of time for the bonus effect is dependent on the class's level, the higher the level, the longer the duration and the better the effect of the bonus. Class Bonuses can NOT be activated while fainted.

  • Warrior: slight Bonus (5%? - 20%?) to all guild member's attack for 5-10 minutes
  • Knight: slight Bonus (5%? - 20%?) to all guild member's defense for 5-10 minutes

Individual class bonuses

Since individual classes only affect the user of that class, multiple guild members may have the same bonus active at the same time.

  • Order Warrior Classes: Can boost your specified Class Order Card's ATK for 5-10 minutes
  • Attack Type Warrior Classes: Can boost your specified Type Card's ATK for 5-10 minutes
  • Barbarian Class: Consume less WAR PWR for 3-5 minutes
  • Order Knight Classes: Can boost your specified Class Order Card's DEF for 5-10 minutes
  • Defense Type Knight Classes: Can boost your specified Type Card's DEF for 5-10 minutes
  • Crusader Class: Will not faint for 2-5 minutes
  • Magician and Order Magician classes: Always trigger card skills for 5-10 minutes (guarantees 3 random skills WILL trigger)
  • Bard and Priest classes: Can regenerate a certain amount of War Life.
  • Bard: Regenerates 60%??-70%?? of your DEF Power (the percentage is dependent on the level of the class)
  • Thief: reduces the amount of points of the enemy that is defeated, for the current war ability lasts 5-10 minutes (at Lv 10 makes opponent lose 3% of their total pts for the war)
  • Merchant: Medals earned are increased for 5-10 minutes
  • Shaman Class: Can reduce opponent's Warrior bonus effect time by 1-4 minutes
  • Order Shaman classes: can cancel the effect of opponent's Order based card skills (Hateful and Vengeful skills) for 5-10 minutes
  • Attack Type Shaman Classes: Can cancel the effect of all opponent's card skills (except order card skills) for 5-10 minutes
  • Wizard: Same as magician????
  • Jester: Regenerates some WAR Health Points
  • Carpenter: Regenerate a portion of all STANDING walls
  • Engineer: can increase Heavy Bolt ATK PWR for 3 minutes

Mercenary GuildsEdit

Mercenary Guilds were created during the second Guild War, for players without a guild. The leader is selected randomly, and cannot be changed. The members can donate Dorri, but the guild cannot rank up. The members can choose from the Guild Classes Thief, Warrior, and Knight. Mercenary Guilds are temporary, and after the event ends, they are immediately disbanded.


In this version of the event, officers are automatically assigned at the end of each war cycle:

War Marshal
War Marshall
General of the Guild War. Defeat to win 3000 bonus Points (only the first person to do so).
In order to face an opponent Guild's War Marshal, you must first defeat both other officers.
Assigned to the highest points contributor in total from all previous cycles.
Assault Captain
Assault Captain
Increases the power of all Guild members' Attack deck until losing a War Battle.
The first person to defeat an opponent's Guild's Assault Captain wins 1000 bonus Points.
Assigned to the guild member with the highest value attack deck aside from the Marshal at the end of the previous cycle.
Defense Captain
Defense Captain
Increases the power of all Guild members' Defense deck until losing a War Battle.
The first person to defeat an opponent's Guild's Defense Captain wins 1000 bonus Points.
Assigned to the guild member with the highest value defense deck aside from the Marshal and ATK Captain, at the end of the previous cycle.

Event PointsEdit

Win Points by defeating members of the opposing Guild in War Battles. Defeat the opposing Guild's Officers for bonus points.

Guild ShopEdit

Buy items to help your Guild in the Guild War, using Guild Dorri.

Only the Guild Leader and those granted authority by the Guild Leader may do this.


Special items available for the Guild War, purchased in the Guild Shop.

  • Walls - 5 may be built during each Guild War at a cost of 3000 Guild Dorri per Wall.
    • Raises the Defense of your Guild members and halves the points your opponents can win.
    • Each Wall increases the defense of each Guild member to 120%.
    • The strength (Stamina/Health) of the wall depends on your Guild's Grade.
    • Knock down an enemy Wall in a Guild War for 300 War Medals, and to remove their defense bonus.
  • Heavy Bolt - 5 can be deployed during a Guild War at a cost of 3000 Guild Dorri per Bolt/Catapult.
    • Adds a cumulative damage bonus against the opposing Guild's Walls.
Flame Elixir

Flame Elixir

Flame ElixirEdit

Boosts the Attack and Defense to 130% for 5 minutes for the player that used it. Only applies in Wars.

Combo ChainsEdit

After 1 Guild member attacks an opponent, if another Guild member attacks another opponent within a 2 minute window of time, it will initiate a Combo. For Every combo increase, the points the attacking Guild Member who earned combo increase, can earn, will increase from 10% to 100%.

There is no limit to the Combo length, however only the Guild Member who increases the Combo length will receive extra points.

The Combo bonus will also not exceed a 100% increase of points earned. After the bonus reaches 100%, every combo attack made thereafter will earn a 100% point increase.

A failed attack may still extend the combo length and reset the 2 minute timer to extend the combo length again.

Grade Wall Strength
Dragon 60000
Phoenix 40000
Wyvern 15000
Gryphon 15000
Lion ?
Hawk ?
Serpent ?
Wolf ?

War Medal

War Medal

War Medals

During the Event you will earn War Medals for your first 10 wins each Guild War, for Individual Ranking each Round, for Total Guild Ranking, and for Guild Grade each cycle.

Exchange only DURING the Guild War event and the 24 hours after the completion of the event. Leftover War medals from the Guild war do not carry over from one event to the next. All remaining War Medals at the end of the exchange period will disappear.

Win RewardsEdit

Awarded after each of the first 10 wins in each war. Merchant class users can activate their ability once per war to receive double War medals during a 5 minute time period.

Wins War Medals War Medals

(Merchant Class Bonus)

1 10 20
2 12 24
3 13 26
4 14 28
5 15 30
6 16 32
7 17 34
8 18 36
9 19 38
10 20 40

War Result Rewards (Guild Grade)Edit

Awarded after EVERY war. ONLY players that received points during the war (attack wins or defensive wins) will receive the war medals. (i.e someone that was not online but was attacked and successfully defended, getting 5 Points WILL receive the war medals, someone that attacked but never beat anyone, will have 0 points and receive no war medals

Ranking Grade War Medals (Win) War Medals (Loss)
50 Dragon 2000 600
150 Phoenix 1300 400
550?? Wyvern 650 200
1250?? Gryphon 350 110
2250?? Lion?? ? ?
3050?? Hawk?? ? ?
5050?? Serpent?? ? ?
Any?? Wolf?? ? ?

Member Rank Rewards (Individual Ranking) Edit

Member Rank Rewards differ depending on the rank of your guild in the event, your rank may change over the course of the event but the rewards are NOT awarded on a daily basis they are ONLY awarded at the end of the event.

Note some values are guesses or based on previous values and could be inaccurate

Guild Member Rank A Member Rank B Member Rank C Member Rank D
Rank 1 2-5 6-10 11-20
A Heaven's Blessing Dragon 30+30+30, Lottery Ticket x50 Heaven's Blessing Dragon 20+20+20, Lottery Ticket x30 Heaven's Blessing Dragon 10+10+10, Lottery Ticket x20 Heaven's Blessing Dragon 5+5+5, Lottery Ticket x10
B Heaven's Blessing Dragon ??+??+??, Lottery Ticket x?? Heaven's Blessing Dragon ??+??+??, Lottery Ticket x?? Heaven's Blessing Dragon ??+??+??, Lottery Ticket x?? Heaven's Blessing Dragon ??+??+??, Lottery Ticket x??
C King's Blessing Dragon 10+30+30, Lottery Ticket x30 King's Blessing Dragon 10+10+10, Lottery Ticket x10 King's Blessing Dragon 5+5+5, Lottery Ticket x5 -
Guild Member Rank A - - -
Rank 1-3
D King's Blessing Dragon 5+5+5, Lottery Ticket x10 - - -
E Spirit's Blessing Dragon 5+5+5, Power/Stamina Potion x1 (NB) - - -
F ? ? - -
G ? ? - -
H Spirit's Blessing Dragon 3+3+3, Lottery Ticket x3 - - -

Total Guild RewardsEdit

Rank Top Minimum points to receive Guild Ranking Rewards Dragon Coin Stamina Potion Dorri Friendship Points
A 10 5000 100 10 250000 30000
B 30 4000 50 5 150000 15000
C 70 2500 25 3 100000 10000
D 200 1500 20 2 50000 5000
E 500 1000 15 1 25999 2500
F 1000 500 10 1 15000 1500
G 10000 300 5 - 5000 1000
H - - - - - -

Total User (Individual) RewardsEdit

Rank Top Dragon Coin Stamina Potion / Power Potion Dorri Bazaar Ticket Lottery Ticket
A 30 300 10 / 10 125000 8 20
B 50 250 9 / 9 120000 5 15
C 75 230 8 / 8 110000 5 15
D 100 200 7 / 7 100000 5 15
E 300 180 6 / 6 75000 4 10
F 500 160 5 / 5 50000 4 10
G 750 150 4 / 4 40000 3 10
H 1000 140 3 / 3 30000 3 10
I 1500 130 2 / 2 30000 1 10
J 2000 110 1 / 1 30000 1 10
K 2500 100 1 / 1 30000 1 10
L 3000 50 1 / 1 30000 1 10
M 4000 25 1 / 1 15000 - 10
N 5000 15 1 / 1 15000 - 10
O 7500 5 1 / 1 15000 - 5
P 10000 3 1 / 1 15000 - 5
Q 15000 - 1 / 1 15000 - 3
R 20000 - 1 / 1 15000 - 2
S 30000 - 1 / 1 15000 - 1
Z 99999 - 1 (NB) / 1 (NB) 5000 - 1

War Medal Exchange ListEdit

Items can ONLY be exchanged DURING the event and the 48 hours following the completion of the event: 10/21/2013 - 10/25/2013 23:59 (EDT). All unused War Medals after the end of the exchange period will disappear.

Item War Medals Item Limit
Stamina Potion (Mini) x1 30 10
Power Potion (Mini) x1 30 10
Premium Key x1 300 5
Stamina Potion (Non Bazaar) x1 300 10
Power Potion (Non Bazaar) x1 300 10
Mimic Trap x1 1000 10
Flame Elixir 1000 10
Mastery Apple (Dx) 1000 10
Artisans Clock (1hr) 1000 10
Artisans Clock (3hr) 2000 10
Artisans Clock (5hr) 3000 10
Superior Key 15000 1
Superior Deluxe Key 30000 1
Mega Key 50000 1

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