5. Reign of Dragons Evolve Advice (basic)

Just so that we are clear, Evolving cards in Reign of Dragons is completely independent of Enhancing cards in Reign of Dragons. You do not have to enhance a card even one level in order to Evolve it.

Evolving cards in Reign of Dragons increases their ATK/DEF ratings just like Enhancing them does, but there are a few very very important differences.

Earlier in the Card Enhancement section I said that you can use any card except one that is the same as your base card to feed the enhancement. Evolution is exactly the opposite in that respect, you may only use a card that is the same kind as your base card in the Evolution process.

Cards can only be Evolved 3 times, you can tell a cards evolution state by looking at the
little bubbles on the bottom right of the card. Most cards will start out with one "full" and
3 "empty" bubbles. As you evolve the cards those empty bubbles will fill up, and when you fill the last bubble the card will be in its final evolution state, and its rarity will
increase by one star.

Evolving cards to max evolution is MUCH less expensive than Enhancing cards to their maximum level and can be used to increase cards power cheaply provided that you have multiple copies of the same card.

Each time you evolve a card, its name changes slightly along the following pattern.
"Generic-Card" (Base card, not evolved)
"Generic-Card+" (First Evolution)
"Generic-Card++" (Second Evolution)
"Generic-Card (fancy name)" (Third and final Evolution, also gains 1 star rarity)

You can Evolve your base card to the maximum evolution stat using as few as 4 copies, or as many as 8 copies of the same card using the following Evolution pathways.

4 Copies:
Card[1] & Card[2] = Card+
Card+ & Card[3] = Card++
Card++ & Card[4] = Card (fancy name)

8 Copies:
Card[1] & Card[2] = Card+
Card[3] & Card[4] = Card+
Card+ & Card+ = Card++

Card[5] & Card[6] = Card+
Card[7] & Card[8] = Card+
Card+ & Card+ = Card++

Card++ & Card++ = Card (fancy name)

Needless to say, you can also get to maximum evolution with 5,6, or 7 copies of the same card using modifications of these two pathways, but early on in the game you will pretty much always want to use the 4 card evolution pathyway. I'll explain more about Reign of Dragons Evolution and Enhancement in the next post, including some mathematical workups.

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