Puzzle Hunt Banner 4 Page

Puzzle Hunt 4 is the fourth Puzzle Event.

Event details

  • The fourth Puzzle Hunt runs from 7/11/2013 to 7/17/2013 (23:59 EDT)
  • The exchange period for Hunt Points runs from 7/11/2013 to 7/19/2013 (23:59 EDT)


During the Puzzle Hunt Event, players are hunting for piezes of a puzzle. Collecting all the puzzle pieces will complete the puzzle, and award the card featured in the puzzle.

In order to find the pieces you need to respond to your allies' requests for cooperation. When you respond, you will be awarded with 50 Friendship Points, and occasionally a piece of the puzzle. You can only respond to each ally once every 4 hours. The amount of pieces you can gather in a day is thus limited by the number of allies you have, and consequently by your level, as well as the activity level of your allies (how often they request your help).  NEW They added a countdown timer to the event page on the last day of the event to make it clear as to how long to wait until the next ally aid request may be sent.

Puzzle Hunt 4 Reward Card

The fourth Puzzle card, Oona

When you request help from your allies, you also receive 50 Friendship Points and occasionally a piece of the puzzle - if they respond.

During the event you will also be gathering Hunt Points, which can be used to exchange for items from the event page.  Unused Hunt Points disappear at the end of the exchange period

NEW This is the first Hunt Point event where SR Keys and MR Keys were available for exchange.  Also this is the first event where you can request aid more than once per day, making highly active allies important if you wish to exchange for the SR and MR keys.

Finishing the puzzle

The puzzle piece awarded is selected completely at random, including pieces you have already collected. If your reward is selected to be a duplicate, you will not receive a new puzzle piece. Thus, the more pieces you have, the rarer it will be for you to receive a piece that you are missing...

Responding and requesting cooperation

  • You respond to an ally's request for help simply by logging into the game and visiting the event page after said ally has requested help.
  • You request help by clicking the "Cooperate with Allies" button on the Event Page in-game.


Hunt Point Exchange Table
Item Quantity Hunt Point Cost Purchase Limit
Stamina Potion (Mini) 1 10 5
Power Potion (Mini) 1 10 5
Dorri 5000 20 -
Lottery Ticket 10 30 -
Dorri 20000 50 -
Lottery Ticket 30 50 -
Training Clock (S) 1 100 -
Training Clock 1 150 -
Stamina Potion (NB) 1 200 3
Power Potion (NB) 1 200 3
Premium Key 1 300 3
Superior Key 1 1000 1
Mega Key 1 2000 1

NB : Non Bazaar

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