Puzzle Hunt 1

The Puzzle Hunt

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A Puzzle Event is a one-time-only limited event, where you cooperate with allies to complete a puzzle by requesting and responding to requests for help.


  • Puzzle Card
  • Hunt Points


The act of logging into the game constitutes responding to all your allies' current requests for help that day. Thus, simply logging into the game will further your progress in this event. For each ally you help in this way, you are awarded Friendship Points and a random piece of the puzzle. This may be a duplicate piece.

Requesting Help

You may request help from the Event Page. For each ally that responds (essentially by logging in after your request), you are awarded 50 Friendship Points and a piece of the puzzle. This may be a duplicate piece.

Hunt Points

For each request from an ally that you respond to, you are awarded 1 Hunt Point. Hunt Points can be used to purchase items on the Event Page.

The Puzzle Card
Puzzle Card 1

Sekhmet - The first Puzzle Card - In the process of being completed.

Once the Puzzle is completed, you are awarded the card featured in the puzzle, and the puzzle will reset. You may then start again.

Each piece of the puzzle is awarded completely at random, and includes already awarded pieces. Thus, the more pieces you have, the less likely it becomes for the next piece to be one that you need.


Log in early in the day to send your request before your allies log in for their last time that day. Log in late in the day to respond to as many allies' requests as possible.

Previous Events

  • 2013
Puzzle Hunt.03.banner.small

Apr 19th 2013 - Apr 28th 2013 (23.59 EDT)

Puzzle Hunt.02.banner.small

Mar 8th 2013 - Mar 18th 2013 (23.59 EDT)

  • 2012

Puzzle Hunt 1.small

Dec 25th 2012 - Jan 7th 2013 (21:00 EST)

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