Platinum Chest Bordered

Platinum Chest

The Platinum Chest was introduced during The Ancient Temple of Memories, the fourth Chest Hunt Event event.  Like the Metal Chest and Gilded Chests, the Platinum Chest can only be opened with Silver Keys or Gold Keys.  The Platinum Chest will disappear 10 minutes after discovery.

Obtaining Platinum ChestsEdit

Platinum Chests can only be obtained from the Lucky Streak Quest; which is only available if a Lucky Streak is in effect. The Lucky Streak Quest must be completed to obtain any loot, including chests. The Quest only requires 100 Stamina to start, however, requires a total of 300 Stamina, depending on the event, to complete. Platinum Chest can be opened by using 1 Silver Key or 1 Gold Key (Guaranteed) for Unlock Points and rewards.

Chest Reward ContentsEdit

Other ChestsEdit

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