Orphic Crystal

Orphic Crystal

Orphic Crystal are cryptic crystals that will help you on your path through the Crystal Cavern event quest.  You can use Orphic Crystals when you are confronted with Enchanted Gates. 

When an Orphic Crystal is used, a special effect called Clairvoyance will initiate.  When Clairvoyance is in effect, it will guide you on the correct path through the cavern.  Clairvoyance's effects last 5 minutes. 

The number of Orphic Crystals you currently have in your possession will be displayed on the Crystal Cavern Event Page. 

Orphic Crystals may be purchased from the Shop during the event period and at the start of the event, each user receives one in their gift box.  Orphic Crystals are untradable.

Obtaining Orphic CrystalsEdit

Orphic Crystals may be obtained in a variety of ways:

  • Rumble Quest 

Other ItemsEdit

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