Ornate Pearl

The Ornate Pearl Exchange lets you purchase cards and items for your Ornate Pearls, that you earn through the Ornate Pearl Card Pack Purchase Event. The Ornate Pearl Exchange is available for a limited time, and the available goods may change over time. Notice: It is stated in-game that some items can only be drawn a limited number of times, it is not clear whether this limit is set on a draws per user basis, or on a total draws by all players basis.


  • Exchange Period: 6/13/2013 - 6/24/2013 (23:59 EDT)


Ornate Pearls

Heaven's Blessing Dragon (Chaos) x3 300
Heaven's Blessing Dragon (Genesis) x3 300
Heaven's Blessing Dragon (Justice) x3 300
Premium Key x1 500
Rare 4 Card Set (Thunder Dragon, Frost Troll, Evangelic Knight, Ouroboros) x1 1000
Superior Key x1 5000
Superior Deluxe Key x1 10000
Mega Key x1 25000
Nemesis x1 40000
Base SR Deck (Freyja, Archbishop, Gaia, Midgardsorm, Mage Queen, Diva, Dragoon Knight, Aeacus, Demonsword, Cybele) x1 50000
Hel x1 75000
Beigas the Sword x1 75000
Cosmic Dragon x1 75000
Dragon Princess x1 75000
Luca x1 75000
Morgan x1 75000
Chaos 4 MR Card Set (Strategos, Humbaba, Sirrush, Necro Madman) x1 85000
Genesis 4 MR Card Set (Agni, Ouranos, Gullveig, Twilight Ent) x1 85000
Justice 4 MR Card Set (Ladon, Leviathan, Balam, Archangel of Judgement) x1 85000
Claire Chaos Regitur x1, Nemesis x1 90000
Hel x2 145000
Beigas the Sword x2 145000
Cosmic Dragon x2 145000
Dragon Princess x2 145000
Luca x2 145000
Morgan x2 145000

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