This Page is for providing instructions on how to contact Gree Support, the developers of Reign of Dragons.

To access gree support you must already have a Gree account.  It is recommended you create a Gree account as soon as possible or even before you start playing, rather than playing the guest account.  The exception is if you want to test parts of the game before getting serious about playing, if you "Logout" of your guest account you will no longer have access it, at this point you MUST create a GREE account and start over from scratch.  Registered accounts get game support and the ability to port your saved game data to a new device (not possible with guest account)  once logged into a registered Gree account you lose the ability to 'Logout', this is to prevent people from running mutiple accounts from one device. 

Once you have entered the Gree Menu as shown on the Main Menu Navigation Page follow the instructions as seen in the images below.  

Navigation Gree Support1

Navigation Gree Support2b
Navigation Gree Support3
Navigation Gree Support4

When entering the details of your issue ALWAYS include your referral code and the time (including your timezone) of the incident so that they can check their logs at the approximate time it occured to you.

It must be noted that some, if not all, the game developers are from Japan and therefore the emailed support response which may take up to a day or two to arrive, depending on their support load, may contain broken english or bad grammar, which is why it is recommend you provide as much information as possible, explain your situation clearly and avoid abbreviation, slang etc. as much as possible.

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