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Mission Bingo Sheet 1

Originally introduced in April/May 2013 for new players, this Reward Event was expanded, in mid May, to include all existing players.  Like all Reward Events, you do not compete against other players to gain the rewards but rather perform certain tasks and upon completion, receive your rewards. 

In this Reward Event, you complete tasks that are numbered and placed in the style of a smaller 3x3 Bingo card.  Like regular Bingo, you get a 'Bingo' when you complete a straight line of the maximum length in any direction, in the 3x3 card that is 3 horizontal, 3 vertical and 2 diagonal lines. 

Bingo rewards are awarded when you complete total bingo lines of 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8.  In addition to Bingo line rewards, you get 1000 Dorri for every task you complete.  There are 4 Mission Bingo cards to complete.

For existing players, some tasks on the sheets will already be stamped as you've already completed the task. It is possible, to clear a sheet without ever seeing it, that is, the game keeps track of your progress on every single Mission at once and it is possible to clear all 4 sheets after finishing 1 final task on sheet 1, specifically you could complete every single task on every sheet EXCEPT task #8 on sheet 1, then when you do evolve a card for the first time, you could receive every remaining reward all at once.

Bingo Sheet 1
Task No. Task
1 Battle another User!
2 Complete 1 treasure collection Set
3 Get a Login Bonus
4 Clear the first quest in the tutorial
5 Complete the tutorial
6 Raise your Level to 3 or higher
7 Use a stamina potion
8 Evolve a card
9 Defeat 1 quest boss
Bingo Lines Bingo Reward
1 1x Stamina Potion (Non Bazaar)
2 1000x Friendship Points
3 1x Power Potion (Non Bazaar)
5 5000x Dorri
8 1x Premium Key


2 Bingo Line Achievement

Bingo Sheet 2
Task No. Task
1 Message Another User
2 Complete a Weekly Quest
3 Change your Name
4 Cheer an Ally
5 Draw from the Free Card Pack
6 Get one or more Allies
7 Use one Premium or Higher Key
8 Enhance a Card
9 Raise your Deck Attack to 12,000
Bingo Lines Bingo Reward
1 1x Mimic Trap
2 1x Card Album (S)
3 2000x Friendship Points
5 10000x Dorri
8 1x Premium Key

Bingo Sheet 3
Task No. Task
1 Play RoD for 2 days!
2 Become a follower of the Official RoD Twitter Account!
3 Choose a Guild Class !
4 Like the Official RoD Facebook Page!
5 Invite friends and clear when friends begin playing RoD!
6 Write a RoD review on iTunes!
7 Get a Share Bonus (Twitter and Facebook) *Must share on both Twitter and FB to Clear.
8 Sell a card in the Bazaar! (Users will receive a Bazaar Ticket on their second days as a Login Bonus)
9 Join a Guild!
Bingo Lines Bingo Reward
1 2x Stamina Potion (Non Bazaar)
2 None
3 2x Power Potion (Non Bazaar)
5 20000x Dorri
8 1x Superior Key

Bingo Sheet 4
Task No. Task
1 Play RoD for 7 days!
2 Use Enhance 30 times!
3 Raise the Attack Power of your Deck above 40,000!
4 Raise your Level to 20 or higher by completing Quests!
5 Complete 5 Treasure collections!
6 Defeat 10 Quest Bosses!
7 Win 30 Battles!
8 Clear 5 different Weekly Quests!
9 Get 10 or more Allies!
Bingo Lines Bingo Reward
1 3x Power Potion (Non Bazaar)
2 3x Training Clock
3 30000x Dorri
5 3x Stamina Potion (Non Bazaar)
8 1x Mega Key

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