Mimic Trap

Mimic Trap

The Mimic Trap has been in the game since release, each Mimic Trap can protect a single Storyline Quest treasure piece from being stolen a single time.  There is no limit on the number of traps that can be placed on a treasure piece, but traps can only be placed on treasure pieces that are in your possesion.  

When someone targets a treasure piece that has a trap on it, if the defending player will win anyways, the trap is not triggered, but if the defending player is going to lose, then the mimic trap is triggered, the attacker receives a You Lose result along with an image of a mimic trap.

Obtaining Mimic TrapsEdit

Mimic Traps may be obtained in a variety of ways:

  • Having a certain number of new players use your referral code
  • Trading on the Bazaar
  • Bought from the in-game Shop
  • Reward from unlocked chests in a Chest Hunt Event
  • War Medal Exchange after a Guild War event

Other ItemsEdit

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