1MR Premium Card Series

MR Key

Mega Key

The Mega Key (MR Key) was introduced with the first 30 Day Login Bonus event.  As opposed to the Premium Key, the Mega Key guarantees that a Mega Rare card will be drawn.

Obtaining a Mega KeyEdit

Mega Keys may be obtained several ways:

  • War Medal Exchange (up to Reign of the Dragon Leagues Beta test only)

Using a Mega KeyEdit

You can use a Mega Key by clicking the Card Pack Indicator on the top right of the screen, then click the Ticket Tab.  From there you scroll down to the MR Premium Card Series area and you can tap 'Accept' to use your Mega Key.  Mega Keys, unlike Premium Keys will draw only from Mega cards that are in the Premium Card Packs.  

Mega Key Card PoolEdit

These are the cards you can draw from with a Mega Key:

Added on 1/16/14

Other Card Draw KeysEdit

Premium Key

Superior Key

Superior Deluxe Key

Other KeysEdit

Silver Key

Gold Key

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