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The King of the Mountain Pack is a Purchase Event with Realm-specific Card Packs. By voting for (selecting) a specific Realm, you gain access to 1-Draw, 6-Draw, and 12-Draw cards packs as well as a Climbing Card Pack, all of which contain only cards of the selected Realm.

Voting Prize
King of the Mountain Pack - Claim Prize

The winner is usually Justice. Come back to claim your prize after voting again.

By purchasing these Card Packs you improve the standing of your chosen Realm. You may also buy the Card Packs of the other Realms, thereby reducing their standing. At the end of each day, if your chosen Realm is the winning Realm, you earn a prize. You will have to come back to the event page, vote again, and then click the "Claim Prize" button in order to receive your prize. It MUST be claimed on the following day, or it will be forfeit.

Note: If you only vote and don't buy any packs, you will NOT qualify for the Voting Prize, even if your chosen Realm wins. You MUST make at least ONE purchase from the Climbing Card Pack to have the "Claim Prize" button appear the next day.

Card Packs

The Card Packs only contains cards of a specific Realm, and all cards will be Rare or better.

Climbing Card Pack

Level Cards Price (Gems)
1 1 60
2 2 300
3 3 500
4 4
5 5
6 6

Each purchase will advance the Card Pack to the next level.

The Climbing Card Pack will reset to level 1 at the beginning of each day.

Card Boxes

Cards Price (Gems)
12-Draw 12 3000
6-Draw 6 1500
1-Draw 1 300

The Card Boxes have no levels and do not reset.

Voting Prizes

Prizes are typically a previous Event Card and a couple of items.

3/20/2014 - 3/24/2014

??/??/???? - ??/??/????

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