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The Kiara Matching Game is a basic game of matching pairs.  You find matching pairs of cards to form sets, if you make a match you receive that reward item and you can search for another pair, if you fail to find a pair you will have to wait until the next day to try again.   Card positions are different for every user, but it is assumed the positions of all cards are locked in place once the sheet has been loaded. 

There are 7 levels of sheets, each sheet is the same size (2x4).  The prizes for each level of sheet improves. There is also a sheet clearing bonus for finding all the pairs on a given sheet.

Note: original text advertised 6 sheets but in actual fact there were 7 sheets with the 7th sheet clearing bonus reward being a Mega Key.

  • Event Period: 5/29/13 - 6/11/13

Kiara Matching Game MatchYes

Matching Pair Result

Kiara Matching Game MatchNo

Non-Matching Pair Result

Sheet Level Potion Dorri Friendship Points Blessing Dragon Mastery Apple Training Clock Clear Sheet Reward
1 Stamina (NB) 5000 1000 Spirit (Justice) - - Premium Key
2 Power (NB) 5000 1000 Spirit (Chaos, Genesis) - - Power & Stamina Potion
3 Stamina (NB) - - King's (Chaos) Rg Rg Premium Key
4 Power (NB) 10000 2000 King's (Justice) - - Power & Stamina Potion
5 Stamina (NB) - - King's (Genesis) Rg Full Tourney Potion , Gold KeyFlame Elixir



- - Heaven's (Chaos, Genesis, Justice) - - Superior Key
7 Power & Stamina (NB) 10000 - - - Full Mega Key

Kiara Match All Cleared

All Sheets cleared message

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