Judgement of Shame occur when you target Dragon Treasures  of a much lower level player than yourself, ususally greater than 10 levels although this is not an exact limit. A level 32 player has successfully stolen treasure from a level 2 player.  Game support responded that the exact formula for when Judgement of Shame will activate is a secret.  Even though the formula is not publicly known, there is a CLEAR indicator on the battle screen that will let you know if the attack you are about to do will acivate Judgement of Shame.

When you click the (black) attack button to bring up the specific attack values of your oppoenent with NO treasure target set, it will appear as a normal attack screen as pressing the (red) attack button means you are only targetting their dorri, if you set a treasure to target and then notice the following text appear in glowing/blinking RED coloured text below the (red) attack button "You might want to rethink that"  That is an indication that if you proceed with the attack, Judgement of Shame will be triggered.

The consequences of triggering a Judgement of Shame event are:

  • Automatic loss of the battle
  • Loss of 30000 Dorri 
  • Your Attack Power gauge is brought down to ZERO

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