Hunting Grounds are Limited quests that drop Blessing Dragon cards of a specific alignment.  Blessing Dragon cards are exceptionally effective when used in the Enhancement process.  The downside to Hunting Grounds Quests is that they normally have a poor EXP/Stamina output. This can be increased through Challenge Missions though.

Challenge Missions

When the set number of players have completed the Challenge Mission, every player that participated will be awarded a bonus. You may send a Call for Help (a reminder) to your allies by going to the relevant quest, clicking "Challenge Mission Details", and then "Challenge Mission Call for Help".

Challenge Mission Rewards

· Hunting Grounds of Justice (05/16): 30000 users --> Quest Exp Boost Bonus

Enhancing With Them

Here is a list of how strong or weak they are when enhancing. (Strong -> Mild -> Weak)

  • Justice Card = Justice -> Chaos -> Genesis
  • Genesis Card = Genesis -> Justice -> Chaos
  • Chaos Card = Chaos -> Genesis -> Justice

It is the best to enhance with the strong and mild enhancers then with weak. For example, enhancing Atalante (Justice) you use Justice and Chaos only and not Genesis. It will help save money and potions. 

HGchaos1 HGjustice1 HGgenesis1

HGchaos2 HGJustice2 HGgenesis2

HGchaos3 HGJustice3 HGgenesis3

HGchaos4 HGJustice4 HGgenesis4

HGChaos5 HGJustice5 HGgenesis5