Guild vs Guild Events are where guild members cooperate to get a good rank in the event.  Unlike regular events where the guild rank is simply a total or a percentage total of the sum of each member's event rank points, Guild vs Guild events require either coordination between members or direct investment into the guild itself.

Event Types

Battle Event

Guild War Event

Event History

Dawn of Crimson Bands.banner.small
March 8 - March 14, 2013 (23:59 EST)

Round 1 6/21-6/25 2013(EDT)

Round 2 6/27-6/30 2013(EDT)

Master the Battle of Brethren.banner.small
February 26 - March 3, 2013 (23:59 EST)

GvG.Duels of Bloody Pride.banner.small
December 27, 2012 - January 7, 2013 (20:59 EST)

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