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Hey how do you logout of gree. ?? :/ ( - unsigned)

Go to the bottom of the main screen. Click the Gree Logout link:
GREE Logout

The Logout option

If you cannot see the link, two options are possible:
1. You are not logged in, as you have not created a Gree Account.
2. You have already logged out once, and logged in again. You cannot log back out again for some time because of that. This is to prevent users from creating potentially unlimited amounts of dummy/alt accounts, as that would mess with the in-game economy.
If you want to create an account, try downloading the GREE App from the App Store.
Another way to do it is to open this link in the game (copy in cheer and then clin on it):
<a href="">Logout</a>
Zannia (talk) 20:46, February 27, 2013 (UTC)

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