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Forest of the Dark Root Loading Screen

Forest of the Dark Root Loading Screen

Forest of the Dark Root is the ninth Raid Event. You explore an Event Quest dungeon using Stamina. Two versions of a boss will appear to fight you at random intervals.

Fighting and defeating the boss, using a percentage of your ATK POWER Points, will award Raid Medals and increase your Ranking Points. By completing floors you earn rewards, and increase your Raid Attack Bonus (to a maximum of 300% of normal).

The more Raid Bosses you defeat, the stronger they become, regardless of the floor you are on. If you do not fight a boss and it disappears the next time it reappears it will be at the same level, all boss level increases only occur after they have been defeated.  A carnage raid boss that goes undefeated may be recalled at any time by tapping the Carnage Revenge button.

Preregistered players recieved the following giveaway items on Event Start:

  • Dragon Coins x30
  • Stamina Potion x3
  • Power Potion x3

Event details

  • Period: 1/20/2013 - 1/26/2013 (EST)


  • Blitz Raid - Defeat the boss to receive Blitz Raid keys (MVP and VP rewards)
    • Orobas
      Forest of the Dark Root Intro

      Forest of the Dark Root Intro Screen

  • Carnage Raid - Defeat the boss to receive Carnage Raid keys (MVP and VP rewards)


  • Dragon Burst: 150% ATK Damage done against raid bosses for 20 minutes, Ranking Points gained is doubled. Activates when the dragon burst bar is full. Dragon Burst bar can ONLY be filled by landing the final blow on Raid bosses (either your own or ally's/guild member's blitz or carnage bosses).
  • Chains: Decreases the defense of Raid Bosses incrementally, depending on how often you defeat them within the chain timer. Increases by 7.5% for every win to a maximum of 100%, this means you can deal double damage, not that the raid boss defense is 0 points. Resets when the chain timer runs out.
  • Asking for Aid Relief: You may ask for aid relief once per Raid boss, when you ask for aid, the request is sent to 10 players, a combination of your allies, guild members. Some random players that are neither your allies or guild members may also receive the aid relief request..
  • MVP Rewards: If the raid boss is defeated, rewards given out to the player who did the most damage during the raid boss battle.  To see who the current MVP is tap details.
  • Raid Keys: As long as the Raid Boss is defeated, ALL participants in the raid boss battle gain at least ONE Blitz or Carnage Raid Key (key type depends on which boss is fought) REGARDLESS of damage dealt, the higher the level the higher the amount of keys won, the MVP (player that did the most damage out of all the participants) will receive a larger amount Raid Key(s) rewards. Can be exchanged for cards from the Ticket Tab in the Card Packs.

Fighting the Raid Boss

  • Normal Raid Boss fights consume 30%, 60% or 100% of your ATK Power to deal 30%, 60% or 120% of your maximum attack damage respectively.
  • First attack on any Raid Boss, your own or as an Ally Aid request consumes 0% of your ATK PWR causing 30% of your CURRENT Maximum ATK Damage.

Forest of the Dark Root Collage Ad

Forest of the Dark Root Collage Ad

Event Specialists:

Event relevant skills:

New cards introduced (From either Blitz OR Carnage Keys)

Returning Cards to the Raid Keys (Every card from either Blitz OR Carnage Keys)

Re-introduced cards

  • Prizes
    • Foziar - rewarded for defeating a Raid Boss the first time you encounter that Raid Boss.

Forest of the Dark Root Floor Rewards (separate page)

Morwenna Defeat Rewards

The first time you defeat Morwenna, win 1 of her UR card.  Randomly get her card from the Carnage Raid Chest or by defeating her while being the MVP.

Raid Boss Defeat Rewards - Awarded when you surpass certain Boss Defeat Totals: 'Note: If YOU discovered the raid boss while questing, you do NOT need to land the final blow for the defeat to add to your Raid Boss Defeat Count total, however if it is a raid boss where you are providing aid, you MUST land the final blow to the raid boss to increase your Raid Boss Defeat Count. '

Wins Reward
1 Premium Key x1
3 Power Potion (Non Bazaar) x3
5 Stamina Potion (Non Bazaar) x3
10 Foziar x1
15 Foziar x1
20 Premium Key x1
25 Dorado x1
30 Superior Key x1
35 Stamina Potion (Non Bazaar) x3
40 Superior Deluxe Key x1
45 Dorado x1
50 Dragon Coin x30
60 Power Potion (Non Bazaar) x5
70 Mega Key x1
80 Mega Key x1
90 Stamina Potion (Non Bazaar) x5
100 Dragon Coin x30
110 Power Potion (Non Bazaar) x5
120 Mega Key x1
130 Mega Key x1
140 Stamina Potion (Non Bazaar) x5
150 Dragon Coin x30
160 Kotari x1
170 Mega Key x1
180 Power Potion (Non Bazaar) x5
190 Mega Key x1
200 Dragon Coin x40
210 Kotari x1
220 Power Potion (Non Bazaar) x5
230 Mega Key x1
240 Power Potion (Non Bazaar) x5
250 Dragon Coin x40
260 Power Potion (Non Bazaar) x5
270 Power Potion (Non Bazaar) x5
280 Mega Key x1
290 Power Potion (Non Bazaar) x5
300 Dragon Coin x50
350 Power Potion (Non Bazaar) x5
400 Dragon Coin x50
450 Power Potion (Non Bazaar) x5
500 Dragon Coin x50
550 Power Potion (Non Bazaar) x5
600 Dragon Coin x50
650 Power Potion (Non Bazaar) x5
700 Dragon Coin x50
750 Power Potion (Non Bazaar) x5
800 Dragon Coin x50
850 Power Potion (Non Bazaar) x5
900 Dragon Coin x50
950 Power Potion (Non Bazaar) x5
1000 Manasa x1

Total Ranking rewards:

Top Rank

Dragon Coins Lottery Tickets Dorri
A 20 800 20 300000
B 50 600 15 250000
C 100 550 15 200000
D 300 500 15 150000
E 500 460 10 100000
F 1000 430 10 80000
G 1500 400 10 60000
H 2000 370 10 50000
I 2500 350 10 45000
J 3000 330 10 40000
K 3500 300 10 35000
L 4000 200 10 30000
M 5000 100 10 25000
N 6000 50 10 25000
O 7000 30 5 20000
P 8000 20 5 20000
Q 9000 15 5 15000
R 10000 10 5 15000
S 30000 5 1 10000
Z 99999 - - 5000

Total Ranking Rewards (Guild):

Top Rank Dragon Coins Dorri Friendship Points War Power Potion Flame Elixir
A 10 200 300000 30000 5 5
B 30 100 150000 15000 3 3
C 70 50 100000 10000 2 2
D 200 40 50000 5000 1 1
E 500 30 25000 2500 1 -
F 1000 20 15000 1500 1 -
G 10000 10 5000 1000 - -

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