Evolution Perfection


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Hello everyone, my name is Chaotix!

Alright let's cut the chit-chat and get right to the chase!

Evolution to most of you guys/girls out there is just getting dsa 4 copies of a rare card and up and evolving then maxing it out to the max, right?  

Well there's alot more to it than that!

According to the RoD Team,  if you were to take double the amount of the card you wish to fully max out and max out each and every copy you get then evolve those and and then repeat the process until you get the final form then the card would gain an additional 5K ATK!

Now I know what some of you guys/girls are thinking, 5,000 ATTACK, that's insane!  How in the name of God can that be true?!

Well I'm going to explain it to you!  I'm going to use my personal favorite card: Demonsword as an example.

Say for instance you obtained 8 copies of the card Demonsword.

Then you would get each and every last one of those 8 cards to LV50 (MAX)

Then after that you would evolve them so that you would then have 4 cards total all of them Stage 2 Demonswords.

Then you would repeat the Enhancing Process with those cards.

Then you would evolve them and have 2 copies of Demonsword at Stage 3.

Then you would repeat the Enhancing Process with those 2 cards.

Then you would Evolve them to get:

Demonsword (Bloodlust) LV25 out of LV60

Then you would do the Enhancing Process once more to get it to LV60 and it would then evolve into it's final form!

That final form would then have approximatly 5,000 more ATK than it would if you just Evolved 4 copies into the final one and then Enhanced it!

I will add more as I dig it up so keep a keen watch on this page guys/girls!