Evolution is the process of using combining Like cards to create a more powerful version of that card.  There are only 4 evolution stages for any card in Reign of Dragons, which follow the following pattern.




CardName (Flavor Text)

Each time a card is evolved its power increases and its picture changes slightly.  Rare (Star.smallStar.smallStar.small) or higher cards also have their picture changed slightly again when they are enhanced to the maximum level after being evolved to the last tier, this is sometimes referred to as the "5th Evolution".

The Evolution data for a card can be found in multiple places including the Name of the card, the small circles at the bottom Right of the cards picture, and the small circles in the bottom Left of the cards thumbnail.


Evolution increases the power of a card in two ways.

  • The cards Base ATK/DEF increases with each evolution
  • 5% of the ATK/DEF from each card used in an evolution will be carried forward and added to the base ATK/DEF of the product card.
  • If a card used in the evolution process is at its Maximum Enhancement level, 10% of its ATK/DEF will be carried forward instead of 5%

In addition to the ATK/DEF carryover, the Product card will also be produced with an Enhancement level equal to 50% of the highest level card used in the evolution process, and will recieve the level-up ATK/DEF associated with gaining those levels.

The Base ATK/DEF increase with each evolution stage can be approximated by the following:

  • Base Card: 1.0x Base Card ATK/DEF
  • Evolution 1: 1.2x Base Card ATK/DEF
  • Evolution 2: 1.4x Base Card ATK/DEF
  • Evolution 3: 1.8x Base card ATK/DEF
    • Unfortunately it is currently not possible to EXACTLY predict the new base stats because either not all of the data used by the game is available, or because the stats are created by hand and are somewhat arbitrary. (Proof)

A card may be evolved to its final form using as many as 8 Like cards, or as few as 4.


8 Card Evolution


6 Card Evolution


4 Card Evolution