Event Collectibles were introduced with the third Chest Hunt EventDiscover the Mystical Eggs.  They are similar to Event Treasures in that there are multiple types, but for the collectibles, you simply get rewards at set levels after collecting a certain amount of them, whereas Event Treasures required you to complete a set of 6 different types and usually 1 of the 6 types has a much lower drop rate than the other 5.

Each Event Collectible type give out different amounts of bonus Unlock Points, the Ranking Points for Chest Hunt Events.  Refer to event pages for details

Event HistoryEdit

12/16/2013 - 10/25/2013 (23:59 EST) The Blessing of the Light - Starlight Bells

Starlight Bell Sapphire Starlight Bell Zircon Starlight Bell Emerald Starlight Bell Garnet Starlight Bell Amethyst Starlight Bell Amber Starlight Bell Diamond

10/11/2013 - 10/17/2013 (23:59 EDT) The Vermillion Summoning - Sigil Tablets

Sigil of Light Sigil of DarknessSigil of Shadow Sigil of Water Sigil of Earth Sigil of Fire Sigil of Wind

8/23/2013 - 8/29/2013 (23:59 EDT) The Solstice of the Revenants - Warding Lanterns

Lantern of Light Lantern of Darkness Lantern of Shadow Lantern of Water Lantern of Fire Lantern of EarthLantern of Wind

7/04/2013 - 7/10/2013 (23:59 EDT) The Archive of Forsaken Chronicles - Ancient Books

Forsaken Chronicles Book of Light Forsaken Chronicles Book of Darkness Forsaken Chronicles Book of Shadow Forsaken Chronicles Book of Water Forsaken Chronicles Book of Earth Forsaken Chronicles Book of Wind

5/02/2013 (6:00 EDT) - 5/09/2013 (23:59 EDT) The Ancient Temple of Memories - Jewelled Fossils

Gold Fossil Silver Fossil Garnet Fossil Amethyst Fossil Emerald Fossil Sapphire Fossil Pyrite Fossil

3/29/2013 - 4/7/2013 (23:59 EDT) Discover the Mystical Eggs - Jewelled Eggs

Mystical Egg 1 Mystical Egg 2 Mystical Egg 3 Mystical Egg 4 Mystical Egg 5 Mystical Egg 6

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