Double AttackEdit

Attack 2x's in Raid Boss or Wall Battle. (Increased effect trigger rate with Spellcaster Guild Class)

Cards with this Skill:Edit






Eunomia Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.justice.16 Heart-small 13
Kali the Wronged Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.chaos.16 Circle-small 13
Nergal Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.chaos.16 Circle-small 13
Olyphant Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.justice.16 Sword-small 12
Tarasque Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.genesis.16 Sword-small 12
Abysmal Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.chaos.16 Circle-small 15
Mafdet Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.genesis.16 Heart-small 16
Perun Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.justice.16 Sword-small 16
Arimas Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.chaos.16 Sword-small 24
Behula Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.genesis.16 Circle-small 26
Eligos Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.chaos.16 Sword-small 28
Flauros Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.chaos.16 Circle-small 24
Gauri the Exquisite Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.justice.16 Sword-small 20
Geiravor Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.genesis.16 Sword-small 24
Sheena Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.justice.16 Sword-small 29
Thiedric the Solid Star.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.smallStar.small Symbol.justice.16 Sword-small 24

During wall and raid attacks, only the first attack will benefit from any stated event multiplication bonus. The second attack, if it occurs, will do damage like any other regular non-advantage card.

It has not yet been confirmed that leveling up this skill increases its chance of occurring. Please help determine this by adding data to BBG Raw Data.

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