The Defense Reagent was introduced as a daily gift during the final 3 days of Master the Battle of Brethren, the second Duels of Bloody Pride event.

Defense Reagent

Defense Reagent

The Defense Reagents effect last for 12 hours. While affected, in battle with other users, your Defense points do not decrease. The Defense Reagent is untradable, is only useable during a Duels of Bloody Pride event and disappears at the end of the event.

The effect does not stack and does not overlap, meaning that attempting to use a second defense reagent while still under the effects of another (e.g. with 30 minutes left on the timer) you will waste the second one, it will not extend the timer by 12 hours (to 12 hours and 30 minutes) nor will it reset the timer to 12 hours. You must wait for the full 12 hours to pass before you can sucessfully apply the effects of another one.

Obtaining Defense ReagentsEdit

Defense Reagents (2) were delivered directly to user gift boxes approximately 9AM (PDT) on the last 3 days of the Duels of Bloody Pride - Master the Battle of Brethren, at present no other method is available to obtain them

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