Chapter 10: Blood on the Ice

Note: The color of the Dragon Treasure depends on which realm you chose to be your starting path: Chaos, Genesis or Justice. back to Quests

Chapter 10 BossEdit

Chapter 10 Boss

Chapter 10 to Chapter 11 interlude scene Chapter 10 to 11 Interlude

Dragon Treasure OrderEdit

Necklace of Memories rewards Oracle

Realm: Chaos Genesis Justice Chaos, Genesis, Justice Cards
10-1 b Ruby d Red Dragon , Lady Warrior , Healer
10-2 b Amethyst d Red Dragon  , Apprentice Witch , Pegasus
10-3 b Amber d Agent , Grass Fairy , Cavalry
10-4 b Ruby d Man-Eater , Komodo Dragon  , Flower Fairy
10-5 b Amethyst d Summoner , Komodo Dragon , Healer

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