Mega Rare Cards, were the highest rarity cards in the game until Ultra Rare Cards were introduced during the Demonic Catastrophe Raid Event. Mega Rare is now the third most powerful rarity in the game, with the third highest base stats and costs.

Mega Rare cards are only directly available from special events, although Premium Keys have a very low chance of drawing one, and Superior Keys and Superior Deluxe Keys a slightly higher chance. Any Card Pack draw will similarly have a low chance, although some Special Card Packs, like the Stamp Card Pack, may gradually increase the chance as repeat purchases are made. They are also available from the Alchemist's Workshop, with a good draw chance from a level 5 Cauldron result.

Mega Keys will always draw Mega Rare cards. Mega Rare Cards have a maximum card level of 60 for its base card as well as for its first (+) and second (++) evolutions. When fully evolved the max card level becomes 70. When fully evolved and fully enhanced, a 5th and final Card artwork will be displayed.

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