Boost Points are used to boost your deck's abilities, you can either invest the Boost Points in Stamina , ATK POWER Points  or DEF Power Points.  When you first start out as a new player you have a base value of 30 for each of the 3 stats.  How you distribute your Boost Points early on will determine your initial style of play.  You can concentrate more on a certain stat or you can distribute them evenly (what happens if you select automatic assignment).   At the higher levels  even if you were distributing the stats evenly you will have enough ATK and DEF Power to maximize both offensive and defensive decks.

Currently, there is no way to un-invest ALL your Boost Points, so plan your Boost Point allocation carefully.  You can free up some invested boost points by removing an ally or leaving your guild.  When you un-invest Boost Points they are removed from your Stamina stat first down to your base 30 points, then they are removed from ATK Power stat.

Obtaining Boost PointsEdit

Boosts Points can be obtained in a variety of ways:

  • Adding someone and having them accept you as an Ally (3 Boost Points per Ally, currently 50 Allies MAX)
  • Increasing your player Level (1-3 Boost Points every time you level up, 1 Boost Point for level 2-10, 2 Boost Points for level 11-20, 3 Boost Points for level 21+?)
  • Joining or creating a Guild (20 Boost Points)
  • Completing Storyline Quests and event quests (Boost Points given only the first time you complete the segment, Initially, was 2 Boost Points for Spirit's Level, 4 for King's and 6 for Heaven's Level quests, now only 1 for Spirit's, 2 for King's, 3 for Heaven's and 4 for Mythic, those that got the original even numbered boost points were allowed to double dip when the new boost points for first-time completion values were changed.)
  • Defeating Storyline Quest Bosses (Each boss can only be defeated once for 5 Boost Points)

When Boost Points are available to be invested, there will be a message in your Notice indicator stating as such.

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