Bazaar Ticket

Bazaar Ticket

The Bazaar Ticket was introduced at the same time as the Bazaar.

The Bazaar Ticket is used to sell or trade cards in the Bazaar. When someone decides to exhibit a card, a Bazaar Ticket is consumed and the card along with the requested cards or items is displayed in the Bazaar for 48 hours, after which, if the card has not sold, is returned to the exhibitor. Previously the Bazaar Ticket would be held and simply returned if it did not sell within the 48 hour time limit or if the exhibitor retracted the offer, however after March 26, 2013, Bazaar Tickets are consumed immediately upon posting.

Obtaining Bazaar TicketsEdit

Bazaar Tickets may be obtained several ways:

  • Daily Login gift
  • Making an SNS posting (once per day)
  • Event Ranking Rewards
  • Lottery of Destiny Prizes
  • Some Event Rival Ranking Cycle rewards (i.e Colosseum)
  • Gift when untradable cards become tradable
  • Alchemist's Workshop

Note: Since the March 26th, 2013 change, if a player already has 10 or more Bazaar Tickets in their inventory, no additional tickets can be obtained through the first 2 methods.

Other ItemsEdit

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