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(4-7) is the most common evolution process for maxing a card. It is the most efficient way to evolve using 4 base cards, and is consequently also known as a 4-max evolution. It results in about 94% - 96,5% of the (8-15) stats.

For this process, 4 base cards are used.

X-Y designation

  • The first number (4) represents the amount of cards used.
  • The second number (7) represents the amount of complete enhancings performed throughout the process.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Fully enhance 4 base cards (4 complete enhancings).
  2. Evolve 2 base cards into a stage 2 card (Gold Dragon+ in this example).
  3. Fully enhance this new stage 2 card (1 complete enhancing) .
  4. Evolve this stage 2 card with a base card into a stage 3 card (Gold Dragon++).
  5. Fully enhance this new stage 3 card (1 complete enhancing).
  6. Evolve this stage 3 card with the last base card into a stage 4 card (Gold Dragon (Symbol of Greed)).
  7. Fully enhance this new stage 4 card, unlocking a bonus card art for Rare and above (1 complete enhancing).

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