(4-1) is the quickest, cheapest evolution process to get your card to it's maximum evolution stage. It produces the weakest final card, and your final card will be weaker than properly evolved (4-7) versions of the same card. It results in about 86% - 89% of the (8-15) stat values.  Skills based on evolution stage such as Guiding Light will however have full effect.

For this process, 4 base cards are used. Only the final card is enhanced, and it is enhanced fully.

X-Y designation

  • The first number (4) represents the amount of cards used.
  • The second number (1) represents the amount of complete enhancings performed throughout the process.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Evolve 2 base cards into a stage 2 card (Gold Dragon+ in this example).
  2. Evolve this stage 2 card with a base card into a stage 3 card (Gold Dragon++).
  3. Evolve this stage 3 card with the final base card into a stage 4 card (Gold Dragon (Symbol of Greed)).
  4. Fully enhance this new stage 4 card, unlocking a bonus card art for Rare and above (1 complete enhancing).

No enhancing of any kind must be done until the very last card. This is indicated by the red stars in the image above: If the star is red, the card should not be enhanced in any way.  Note this is how the in game Beginner's Guide with Gold Dragons teaches evolving.

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